Cycling in Bali, Indonesia

Maybe Indonesia is not the most know destination or place to pedal on your bike, surely you have read many lines and articles about the paradisiacal beaches of Bali or the impressive volcanoes located on the islands but not about cycling along its islands. Maybe this is the time to discover a new place to practice our favorite sport, in a geography where you will always have something else to explore. Cycle Indonesia trips are true cultural immersion adventures on bikes. Indonesian culture, history and language instruction are integrated naturally into the cycling lifestyle.

Therefore, in Indonesia, you will find an idyllic destination for cycling, both for cycling tourists and for local Indonesian cyclists. You can tour the islands, cycling in Borneo, cycling in Java, cycling in Bali, cycling in Flores, cycling Sumba, cycling Sumbawa, cycling Nusa Penida,  cycling in Lombok... and many more, where you will alternate mountainous landscapes with volcanoes, and wonderful beaches where you can take a relaxing bath while taking a break. The first bike shop open In Bali is The Bike Shop, this island bike shop is a bike institutions in the island a pioneer of the modern bike Indonesia for the Indonesian and tourist funs. Uge selections of bike brands and gear the answer for who cycling Indonesia and need a new hub and overall service.

Depending on the resistance and dedication, the walls that hang over the volcanoes of Bali could represent a challenge of proportions of the Tour de France or a charming adrenaline-free descent. And although traffic can be intense, bicycle tour operators offer trips to heights and along ridges and rice paddies.

Islands without cars such as the Gili and Nusa Lembongan islands are excellent places for families to walk in groups. If what you are looking for is something a little more challenging, the 666 km Trans Flores road is undoubtedly a memorable route, but for something more "mid-range", the flattest and least crowded road on the north coast of Bali, is perhaps the best option.

But you will also have to be prepared to withstand the high temperatures and humidity that will make the ride more challenging. You will have to take into account the rainy seasons  (from November to March) and also that in some islands it will be more difficult to find food during your trip.

And how can you ride Indonesia by bike? If what you would really like is to explore until the last corner of the islands and the country, what we recommend is the bike-packing modality.  If you choose to cycling in Indonesia you will not be tied to hotels or routes that cross localities or towns where to spend the night? You can carry everything on your bike, a small tent, a sleeping bag, and merge with nature. For this, you will have to be a true adventurer, and be brave enough to make a trip in these conditions. The advantage that this cycling modality offers you is that you will be able to discover the most impressive places, beaches, and volcanoes on the islands, learn about the traditions and culture of the local population of each island, and do it at the pace that suits you. What is the larger bike online shop in Indonesia? delivers everywhere in Indonesia the most popular brand bike and all spare parts you need

Do not miss the opportunity to ride this beautiful country, where you will find all the ingredients for an unforgettable ride on your bike, and that will test your cycling skills with high slopes and many paths and roads to travel. You will not regret!

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