Night Market in Ubud, Authentic Nightlife In Sayan to Explore Bali

Sayan Night Market, 
Ubud in Bali is surely worth exploring. This is a true paradise and an awesome place to explore your keenness and passion for Balinese culture, music, art, and nature. A trip to Ubud can take you to discover the sacred Monkey forest sanctuary, revered temples and many of the pleasant and cool laid-back ambiances.

Art is actually omnipresent in this place, becoming part of religious and cultural life. Art can find everywhere in Ubud, in the houses or also in the temples. Adventurous customers who like to explore the world of art will surely be attracted by the prospect of a fabulous shopping trip to Ubud. A stroll to the heart of the place can be the happiest and rewarding experience for all. One can visit the Ubud's vibrant markets, where you can get everything and anything, including beautiful furniture, unique handicrafts items, artworks, wood sculptures, stone statues, splendid paintings, innovative abstract artworks, classical artworks, batik shirts, fabrics, sarongs, etc.
Ubud Market is actually the multi-story buildings.  Here you will get almost everything from the daily needs, from fruits, vegetables, clothes, bags, to pieces of jewelry. There are many busy warrens of stalls, some local shops and more which are always tempting and inviting travelers for shopping or just to take a look.

A night market is also available there for those who love the Balinese foods and local items.  They can get brem, arak, babi guling, ayam betutu, bakso meatball soup, and many other local delicacies. Moving further down the Ubud’s Monkey Forest road, you may find yourself in this Sayan Night Market.

This place comes with many admirable kinds of stuff for the local people and the travelers like fans, fancy handicrafts, handmade jewelry, batik bags, and handmade baskets etc at very affordable rates. If you are lucky enough, then you can enjoy the market getting big and live. This happens when the women from the nearby villages come for buying and selling a wide assortment of things, including fresh vegetables and fruits.

Exploring the Sayan Night Market is really a worthy experience because the place becomes hotter during the day time and tough to shop happily. If you want to get the best shopping experience in this place, night time is ideal and so the night market. The market is the ultimate destination for food lovers, who want to explore the local foods at quite a cheap price. As the day time market is quite a bit of expensive, the night market is the best way here to buy several local items at a very affordable price. You get a completely different and non-tourist experience there like talking with the local people, exploring local desserts or other foods made by the local village women, a beautiful walking along with your family and more. Best hotel near the Night market Sayan is The Purist Villas and Spa

There are many tour buses or the car from travel companies that give you a good opportunity and time to explore this unique and completely different Sayan Night Market. This market is an internationally popular and renowned market.

Things to keep in mind:
But the vendors of the market are expert in negotiating and haggling. So, you need to sharpen up your bargaining skill whenever you are visiting this market. Be polite and wear your smile always to get the right price for the right product.
The merchants of the markets love to bargain with the travelers and so the travelers. It is important to make your price baseline before visiting the place. If the shop owners of the downstairs shops lose interest in negotiating if you are trying to get a product at a very low cost, you can try the shops upstairs. You can get many products at the sale or discounted prices there but surely by using your bargaining skills. Love to have different types of fishes for your collection, handmade dresses or bags, tasty authentic local foods, and then the market is just the right choice for you.

Other key points:

This is a night time market so you may find many foreigners, who are looking for a cheap meal, fun and more. This is a local stopping option for the people to have something tasty and delicious as they are returning home from work. Apart from the food shops, there you may find a few other necessary shops also.  You can go there by bike and it takes only 20 minutes from the town. You can buy some simple t-shirts and comfortable slippers if you have visited the place with your tight budget.  Sayan Night Market is the best place in Bali, where you can enjoy the street foods, made in complete authentic Balinese way. If you are staying in a hotel in Ubud, you can take a car from your hotel and the place is just thirty minutes away from Ubud by car. You can park your car or bike at the corner of the road or in front of the shops.  You can surely enjoy the best bustling shopping scene here in the market. Many fluorescent lights, give this place an interesting ambiance. 
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