The Most Interesting Aspect of Bali

September 29, 2011

Whether it?s the slow pace of the Island or the vast contrasts you can experience over just a few kilometres, Bali seems to make you stop and put things into perspective. Just taking a stroll on the beach allows your mind to take a break as everywhere you look becomes a feast for your eyes. From a group of young locals playing a game of soccer to a stunning European model having a photo shoot in the gentle waves, Bali is truly a place of diversity and there is no where you can turn without seeing a smiling face.

The most interesting aspect of Bali is its ability to allow any person from any background to take hold of their passion and make it a reality. This Island allows you to explore your creativity, spirituality and even for those here to make some serious money; Bali is the land of opportunity. In the moss and vine covered hills of Ubud the air seems thick with not only the fresh smell of the rainforest but the urge to take a look at ones spiritual state.The small town is packed with healthy and alternative options for dining out and lost dog style posters are stapled to almost every pole advertising some sort of spiritual healing, retreat or detox deep in the hills. The local people in Ubud, like the rest of Bali, are a lively lot eager to sell you the must need items in their street side stalls, always asking questions and joking around with the tourists. There is a specific type of Westerner that seems to be drawn to Ubud, usually dressed in colourful, loose fitting clothing and sipping on green tea, it's an almost hippie like culture that has claimed this picturesque town.

Only a 40 minute drive down the hill and you enter another world entirely, a slightly faster paced town seen as the upmarket area of Bali. Welcome to Seminyak. A place where 5star resorts line the sun soaked beach and where you can step off the side walk into fashion boutiques and top class restaurants, although it seems no matter where you go its practically impossible to have a bad meal in Bali. Seminyak has an air of creativity and every second person you talk to is some sort of artist or designer, you feel compelled to whip out a sketch pad and lap up the creative juices flowing around you. Most expats also live close by and the high end bars and ocean front lounges are the place to be and get noticed.

A complete contrast again is Kuta, the tourism hotspot accommodating any and all budgets and activities from shopping, markets, surf schools and a water park to worldwide cuisine and the Bali night life. I could go on forever describing each and every corner of this fabulous Island as they all have something so special to offer, but the best way to find out is to come on over, hop on a scooter and explore every alley way and secret passage you find.Who knows, you could find your own corner of Bali no travel guide or information leaflet could ever lead you to. However you experience this magical Island it is sure to feed your mind body and soul, you will be hooked and I'm sure we will see you time and time again.
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