Villa Rental Bali

October 30, 2008

Bali Hotels Resorts real estate overview

The recent year's tremendous growth in the Balinese villas rental market continues, with a large number of developments coming up chattering for this fast-growing market. Tourism arrivals and villa rental growth were at an all-time high 2007, so fare the figures for 2008 is up with another 24% in an average. The Bali real estate developer for the villa rental market also sees a much wider spread in the market than before, whit virtually all markets wanting more and more villa rental. The obvious high value for money and the most inviting holiday experience a private villa rental can produce is something the market becomes more and more aware of. The privacy and space that a private villa rental market offers compare to the traditional hotel market for almost the same prices are hard to match. Now also more and more private rental villas structure them self with reasonable and good additional facilities within F & B, spa and others, allowing the same convenience as within 5-star hotel premises. The villa rental market therefore not only grows its numbers in new markets but also competes more and more with the 5-star hotels. With then also a higher number of these rental villas in central and wanted locations it is an easy choice for an already loyal Bali real estate markets as well as first-time arrivals to Bali. Some of the upmarket rental villas now also offer full in house butler service taking care of any and all needs. Rental 1 bedroom villa companies now also creating more and more packages around their guests stay, making the villa rental business now also much more attractive to larger travel companies ensuring an even larger volume for the villa rental market and Bali property.
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