Bali Housemaids

December 28, 2009

After spending time on the island of Bali you can’t help but feel that it is one of those special places. The Indonesia government spends virtually nothing to advertise Bali to the international community but it still attracts millions of visitors each year and for an island with a population of only 3.5 million that is a considerable number. Its low prices, currency exchange rate, beaches and night clubs make it a perfect cheap holiday for young travels who want to relax at home party and surf. There is also another side to Bali and that is one of the holidaymaking families and settled expatriate families. Such areas like Sanur and Canggu are a popular destination for those traveling with young children in Bali.

Families travel to Bali for the obvious reasons of sun, sea, sand and favorable exchange rates - but it is also the affordable Bali childcare at home and housekeeping that draws people to the island. The average monthly wage for a live-in housemaid is 1,000,000 Rupia (approximately 105 USD). These sorts of prices make it desirable to spend the extra cost on Bali nanny for a 4 bedroom private luxury villas in Seminyak or housekeeping and make life that much more relaxing. Surprisingly it is not easy to find agencies or recruitment centers that provide childcarers and housekeepers it seems that this industry works by word of mouth. Most of the recruitment agencies in Bali are owned by expatriates and not local Balinese this means they do not have the right networks to find the girls who do the childcare and Bali housemaids work. The question is - if you are a family living or on holiday in Bali how can you find a nanny/babysitter or housemaid that you can trust?

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