Bali Real Estate: Sharp Increase in property Purchase in Bali

October 05, 2012

A 2012 study on real estate and the property deals in Bali and area around it shows a sharp increase in property and land purchase in Bali. Bali has always been a popular choice among tourist, peoples from all around the globe choose Bali as their holiday destination because of its topography and rich unique culture. And now they are very much inclined to purchase a property here and it is really worth purchasing a property here for holiday house or permanent residence.

Now the question is why there is sudden rise in the Bali real estate business? And why it would be a wise decision to invest in property there?

Property development in Bali provides you the opportunity to make your own sanctuary. You have lots of options available, you can have villas, hill houses, mansion houses or even affordable houses. So you can see there are lots of options and you can choose depending upon your budget and need. If you are looking for simple and uncomplicated Balinese lifestyle, you can get very nice and low budget apartments starting from $80,000 to $135,000 for a two bedroom apartment. Cost of living in Bali is very low, according to current scenario a family of six people can live comfortably on approx. $2,500 per month.

If you like to have a villa with your own pool, beach house, garden, privacy and all, you just have to spend more. Bali Villa management provides you lots of options for executive and expensive villas and mansion houses. Seminyak is the most popular place for beach facing villas; the price may go above $750,000 for a well-equipped and large villa. Bali real estate is also focusing the development and sell of property around Seminyak. Over past few years lots of properties has been sold, foreigners are very much attracted to this place especially expats from Australia have settled along the lines.

Some of the popular real estate can be found on the small hills where you can enjoy the view of sparkling beach and soft wind wafting through the rice field on the hill.

The price of Bali real estate would depend upon mainly these three factors:

1.       Proximity to the main road and town.
2.       Location.
3.       The interesting space allocation.

If you are going to buy any property in Bali you should take some precautions, since there have been few incidents in past where foreigners have reported about cheating, they paid the money and still didn’t get the land or they didn’t get what they paid for. But now there have been lots of changes in laws, which have been modified recently to protect the foreigners for being cheated. You should know about the current rules of property acquisition in Bali

Although you are not alone and helpless there, real estate agents are very professional and friendly as well. They know the rules and regulations very well and can help you to get right property quickly. They know the in’s & out of the Bali real estate market and they will guide you to make right purchase. They will help you to complete all the legal proceedings for owning a property in that area.One you own a villa in Bali there the question raises that, what you will do with villa when you are not in Bali? you need to find a Bali luxury villa management and open your house to the tourist come in Bali all long the year.

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