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August 30, 2017

The unprecedented amount of peoples arrive this month in Bali "beyond anything experienced" has led amazing twitter posted this week.

Where to Eat in Bukit?

August 28, 2017

It’s the peninsula in the south of Bali with white sand beaches, beautiful cliffs and famous surf spots. Surfing is really popular in Bali, people of different nations come here to spend every day catching the waves.Though it looks cool it’s very tiring, so with that in mind you need to eat good nutritious food to give you the energy needed.

I’m going to tell you about a nice place just for that in Bukit!

Today we’re not talking about any famous luxury restaurant. I heard about this place through a friend; who also found it by recommendation. And so now feel it's only fair to share the experience for others to discover this amazing place.

We go quite often for a breakfast or a lunch to Bukit Sausage Cafe in Uluwatu, Bukit. Ai, a Japanese lady is the owner of this family small cafe and here’s her story.

She has a little son who simply likes sausages.He always asked his mother to cook them but she understood that most of the sausages in shops are full of harmless additives and are commonly not really made of quality meat but of tissue and other ingredients to bulk them out.That was not the food she wanted for her child so she decided to learn how to make her own sausages.

Having created such a delicious quality sausage the child liked it much more and before long was taking them for lunch at school.Quickly word spread amongst the children who had tasted her sausages and went on to ask their parents for the same. This was the beginning of her business as parents were asking to buy them, preferring her natural recipe over the shop bought variety.

The main idea behind Bukit Sausage cafe is that the food is natural, everything is homemade with quality ingredients, even mustard, ketchup and even cheesecake for desert.

When I first came here for breakfast I was delighted by the service and choice. It may look like a small warung (street cafe) but delivers a great restaurant experience.As you can guess from the name the main dish is sausage. There are three different types of it and many combinations of dishes including their signature dish.

As Ai told me, the technology is simple; they take fresh meat, grind it, add natural spices into pork casings, vacuum pack them and freeze immediately. They never pre-cook it or add artificial preservatives. Actually you can feel it and there's one thing I can tell for sure; once you go fresh you’ll never go back! It has a Japanese recipe but tastes like the best German one!Another option for meat lovers is smoked chicken and fish. Furthermore customers who chose this have a special place where you can see how they make it right before you eat it.Also if you're a vegetarian and you think this cafe is not for you, you'd definitely be rushing to conclusions! Once I came here with my friend who doesn't eat meat and  she was really surprised with the variety of meals for her including pumpkin focaccia, various quesadillas and a big vegetarian plate!

I’ll recommend you another thing as a must try in this place. Do you like desserts? Of course you do! Usually it’s not good for your weight loss program! But not this one!The owner brought us her dessert plate. It was a homemade cheesecake with strawberry and sorbet made of fresh mango, passion fruit and soursop. When I tried it I felt all the love of a mother who cooks for her family and shares it with you and felt blessed to be able to eat food this good made purely and lovingly from scratch.

What can I say? If you’re looking for healthy food in Uluwatu, you should visit Bukit Sausage Cafe. There you get luxury restaurant food for a warung (cafe) price!

    Bukit Sausage
Address: Jl. N.Kahuripan No.17, Ungasan, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Open today · 8:30AM–10PM
Phone: 0821-4444-3582
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