Joglo house Bali

January 20, 2008

Today i was in Uluwatu near to the oldest temples in Bali, Pura Uluwatu. Being a popular surfing spot for the very experienced, so i walk in the middle of nothing in the border of the cliff this Joglo a traditional house from java and will take some shot,enjoy the view.

The joglo roof is the most complex of all Indonesian house

House of Bali environment

January 04, 2008

TRADITIONAL BALINESE HOUSETraditional Balinese architecture has Javanese, Chinese, and South Indian elements, all laid over a strong ancient Indonesian/Polynesian base--the Balinese love to absorb, adopt, and adapt. The simple longhouses and terraced sanctuaries of the ancient pre-Hindu Balinese have become highly stylized hybrids of both Hindu and Chinese parentage.TRI ANGGATri angga means "three parts" ; high middle,and low and can be represented in the human body,bulding structures,town planning and the environment in wich the Balinese live amongst.The tri Angga of Bali as a wole place are divided as follow:the high-sacred mountains wichform a ridge from east to west through the center of the island,the middle-is where most of the Balinese live,the low-is the sea.
BALI LANDNatural forest area 18,1 % ,Protect forest area 963 km 2,rice field nearly 30 %,non irrigate field 30 % ,garden of cash crops such as coffe 17 % ,temperature average 29 degrees , in mountainous area 10 degrees .Wet season from November to March.The population of Bali is over 3 milion , with density of 522 people per km 2.Total area of Bali is 5,561 km 2.Bali is located betwen 8 and 9 degrees south of the equator,114.5 and 115.5 degrees of longitute east.
Geographically, Bali is the end of Asia: Wallace's line.
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