Authentic Balinese Food Experience

If you’re heading to Bali for vacation, then you know they’re famous for the beaches, the tropical mountains, the rice paddies, and of course, the Balinese food. Most people heading to Bali only have a limited time to experience the culture, so if you want to get an authentic Balinese food experience, you have to visit Bebek Timbungan Sunset Restaurant.

Known as “The Next Culinary Journey of Bali Island”, Bebek Timbungan Sunset is one of the most famous genuine Bali heritage restaurants to visit, located near the southern tip of the island in Kuta, just a 20-minute drive from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.

Voyage Through the Balinese Culture

Unlike most restaurants in Bali, this Bali unique restaurant offers visitors an entire voyage through the Balinese culture. The restaurant offers a unique set of Balinese heritage cuisines for those who want to discover what it’s like to eat as the Balinese truly eat.

It’s often a struggle to search through all of the commercialized, westernized restaurants just to find an authentic Balinese restaurant for the connoisseur. Thankfully, with Bebek Timbungan Sunset, you can skip out on the search for the “real” Bali, and experience it firsthand with their famous Balinese dishes.

Famous for the self-titled dish, Bebek Timbungan takes you through several traditional Balinese cuisine experiences upon arrival at the restaurant.

Experience Traditional Balinese Architecture

You will enter into a concept place, with an interior described by the Vice President of Secret Garden Village, Ana Dewi, describes the interior by saying, “There are many elements of nature that are poured into the ambiance as a depiction of the Balinese people who are warm, humble, and elegant.”

Secret Garden Village

Live Music Experience: Authentic Balinese Listening

As you are greeted and escorted to your table, you will experience the sounds of Bali: Traditional Rindik musical instruments being played softly by Balinese musicians for every guest to listen while 
they eat.

Taste Bebek Timbungan: Balinese Cuisine

“Timbungan” comes from the word “timbung” which translates to “bamboo” in English. “Bebek Timbungan”, the name of the restaurant, which comes from the name of a famous Balinese dish. Bebek Timbungan is known as one of the oldest culinary legacies in royal Balinese traditions and is the restaurant’s flagship dish.

Bali Bebek Timbungan includes duck that is covered in original Balinese spices, then smoked in bamboo slats for up to 15 hours to ensure the spices are perfectly infused into the meat, giving it an incredible flavor and texture that allows the duck to melt in your mouth.

Bebek Timbungan Sunset offers a variety of other delicious dishes including the popular Jajan Bali Tea Set, Urap Daun, Belimbing, Pencok Jagung, Sate Lilit Ikan, Keptling Sare Lemo, and many more.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on authentic Balinese cuisine and the culture at this local gem, you will want to make a reservation today, as they can book up quickly with local Indonesians and tourists.

You can book your reservation here:

Jalan Sunset Road, Pertokoan Sunset Road Dwaruci, Kuta, Badung, Bali. 80361
Phone: (6281) 138 003 222
Instagram: @Bebektimbungan

They’re open 10 AM - 11 PM Every day.


Jl. Raya Denpasar K. 36 Tabanan, Bali. 82191
Phone: (62368) 203 3365
Instagram: @secretgardenvillage

Open: 09 AM to 8 PM

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