The Five Sacred Ceremonies in Bali

Bali is one of the islands of thousands of islands in Indonesia. Bali is famous for its attractions, such as Seminyak beach, Ubud, Nusa Dua and many more tourist spot.  In addition to nature, Bali is also famous with customs and culture. In Bali there are five sacred sacrificial ceremonies that must be done. 

The first ceremony is a sacred offering to the God, the offering with oil and grain before Lord Shiva and the God Agni in the worship of the God. Implementation of offerings to God can also be done in various forms, in daily activities can be realized into an offering ceremony by carrying out all activities based on awareness, sincerity, full responsibility and making the activity as an offering to the God

The second ceremony is the offering ceremony to the saint, that is, the offering by honoring the priest and reading the scriptures. Implementation of this ceremony as a form of gratitude for all the services that have been given by the saints. 

The third ceremony is the death ceremony in order that the deceased soul reaches the God of Shiva.The sacrificial offering to the deceased must be made to pay the debt of life to the parents and the ancestors. Without any ancestors and parents it is impossible for us to be born in this world. 

The fourth ceremony is the offering ceremony by giving food to the community which aims for the happiness of life. 

The fifth ceremony of the offering ceremony with the welfare of plants and animals in order to create peace and harmony of life in the world. In carrying out the five sacred ritual ceremonies, they should know the condition, which is based on sincerity which is accompanied by purity of heart, based on love which is manifested with sincere devotion, love to others, love to animals and love to the environment, and must be done according to ability. The purpose of this sacrifice ceremony is to purify, to improve the quality of self, as a means of connecting with God, as an expression of gratitude, and to create a harmonious life. 

From the above simple description can be concluded that in order to achieve the happiness and perfection of life then we must be willing to sacrifice some of our property. God will knit the pieces of our sacrifice and make it our way. Of course, this sacrifice must be based on love and sincerity. 

Without such a foundation a sacrificial ceremony would have no meaning. The sacrifice in this case is not only in material form, all aspects of human beings can be sacrificed as sacred sacrifices, such as; victims of mind, knowledge, speech, action, nature, and others.
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