Bali Surf Resort Holiday

There are many benefit to surfing in the life so we like to extend this benefit in the years, surfing is a surface water sport where we enjoy the natural elements.Accordind to Farley OR in the new study "Physiological demands of competitive surfing' the study was a performance analysis of surfing athletes during competitive surfing events in an attempt to inform the development of surfing-specific conditioning. Twelve nationally ranked surfers were fitted with heart rate (HR) monitors and global positioning system (GPS) units and videoed during the heats of 2 sanctioned competitions.

Means and SDs represented the centrality and spread of analyzed data. From the 32 videos analyzed, the greatest amount of time spent during surfing was paddling (54 ± 6.3% of the total time) (% TT). The remaining stationary represented 28 ± 6.9% TT, wave riding, and paddling for a wave represented only 8 ± 2% TT and 4 ± 1.5% TT, respectively. Surfers spent 61 ± 7% of the total paddling bouts and 64 ± 6.8% of total stationary bouts between 1 and 10 seconds. The average speed recorded via the GPS for all the subjects was 3.7 ± 0.6 km·h(-1), with an average maximum speed of 33.4 ± 6.5 km·h(-1) (45 km·h(-1) was the highest speed recorded).

The average distance covered was 1,605 ± 313 m. The mean HR during the surf competitions was 139 ± 11 b·min(-1) (64% HRmax), with a (mean) peak of 190 ± 12 b·min(-1) (87% HRmax). Sixty percent TT was spent between 56 and 74% of the age-predicted HR maximum (HRmax), 19% TT >46% HRmax, and approximately 3% TT >83% HRmax. Competitive surfing therefore involves intermittent high-intensity bouts of all out paddling intercalated with relatively short recovery periods and repeated bouts of low-intensity paddling, incorporating intermittent breath holding. Surfing-specific conditioning sessions should attempt to replicate such a profile.

Surfers in reality spend very little time to ride the waves or surfing but around 20% of the time they work to catch the wave. Bali is one of the four top Surfing destination in the worls and we start to see lot older surfer in the water waiting for a good wave or paddling to catch a wave.Surf passionate from all around the planet come to the Bali Surf Resort with a strong  motivation for a holiday full of surfing and nature. The best Surfing resort in Bali map is all located in the Bukit peninsula : Uluwatu, Balangan,Nusa Dua and Jimbaran.Surfing also requires a good place to stay and rest for paddling with more resistance in the next session.There is no secret if you want surf more waves you must do some daily surfing exercises, one of the best surfing workouts is practice all long you holiday and repeat the same thing over and over every day.
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