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TRADITIONAL BALINESE HOUSETraditional Balinese architecture has Javanese, Chinese, and South Indian elements, all laid over a strong ancient Indonesian/Polynesian base--the Balinese love to absorb, adopt, and adapt. The simple longhouses and terraced sanctuaries of the ancient pre-Hindu Balinese have become highly stylized hybrids of both Hindu and Chinese parentage.TRI ANGGATri angga means "three parts" ; high middle,and low and can be represented in the human body,bulding structures,town planning and the environment in wich the Balinese live amongst.The tri Angga of Bali as a wole place are divided as follow:the high-sacred mountains wichform a ridge from east to west through the center of the island,the middle-is where most of the Balinese live,the low-is the sea.
BALI LANDNatural forest area 18,1 % ,Protect forest area 963 km 2,rice field nearly 30 %,non irrigate field 30 % ,garden of cash crops such as coffe 17 % ,temperature average 29 degrees , in mountainous area 10 degrees .Wet season from November to March.The population of Bali is over 3 milion , with density of 522 people per km 2.Total area of Bali is 5,561 km 2.Bali is located betwen 8 and 9 degrees south of the equator,114.5 and 115.5 degrees of longitute east.
Geographically, Bali is the end of Asia: Wallace's line.
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